Paula's Story

Paula’s Story

Paula first joined the CareGivers team as a home support worker in the late 1990s. She left for a few years to fish with her husband and eventually found her way back to CareGivers. Since her return, she has provided end-of-life care to several clients and has been providing support to her current client full-time since May 2018.

“I did enjoy fishing,” says Paula, noting that she still enjoys a boat trip and her husband is still involved in the fishery. “But working with seniors – it’s just awesome. I love what I do.”

“My relationship with my client is the best. I can’t ask for any better,” adds Paula. “He’s 85 years old and he loves his game of Skat so we play two to three games of cards most afternoons.” Paula’s client enjoys getting out of the house, so you will often see them out and about the community.

Home support work is not always easy, but Paula has a warm spirit that helps lift the mood, even in challenging times. “She knows how to lighten the mood a little bit, even at the darkest of times,” a family member had said, recalling the wonderful care Paula had provided to her parent.

“Sometimes it does get difficult – you’ve got to put your heart in your pocket for a lot of things – so that you keep the mood good,” says Paula. “You have to have compassion for people and a good heart.”

Paula notes in addition to making sure clients are taken care of, the office team is very accommodating to her work-life balance.

“If I need time off, or if my husband or I have doctors’ appointments, they will switch stuff up for me,” she says, adding that the team of Home Support Workers also work together to switch a shift if necessary.

CareGivers believes in the importance of providing comfort and companionship to those who need it. Our home support workers embrace this with their compassion for clients and client families. A career as a caregiver is truly rewarding and special relationships with clients is one of the many reasons why. If you would like to learn more, please click here

Pam's Story

Pam’s Story

Pam Densmore lives a busy lifestyle – she has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History, works a full-time job and enjoys volunteering. As an avid sports fan, she travels to Toronto annually to volunteer at the Rogers Cup professional tennis tournament that runs for 10 days each summer.

Pam is also in a wheelchair and benefits from flexible home support to help her prepare for her day and assist with household chores. Finding an agency that offers quality care paired with the flexibility to fit her busy schedule is very important to Pam, and that’s why she chose CareGivers.

Right before Christmas 2018, a pipe break caused flooding that destroyed Pam’s home and she found herself temporarily living in a hotel room while her home was being rebuilt. With this disruption in her schedule came a disruption in the care she was receiving, and she began looking for a new service provider. It was at this time that Pam was recommended to contact CareGivers.

“I was told that CareGivers is known for its good people and reputation. I saw this for myself when Donna came to meet me in my hotel room and stayed, talking to me for a couple of hours,” says Pam. “She sat there, listening to what I had to say, and having someone to talk to meant a lot to me.”

“When Donna found me, I was not in a good place, but she patiently asked questions and listened to understand my needs and concerns. It showed that details are important to the CareGivers staff,” adds Pam. “It was easy to transition my care to CareGivers and service was set up for the next morning. Any small issues that come up, as they do from time to time, are always worked out quickly. I don’t get put off.”

“If someone can provide care and make me laugh between six and seven in the morning, I can’t really ask for much more,” Pam says, noting that the women who take care of her are very pleasant, relaxed, and get stuff done. “They are really good at notifying me of anything that might need my attention. They are very good at communicating with me. It’s the little things that go a long way, and the girls are very sweet.”

CareGivers is dedicated to helping people remain independent and fulfilled. Our aim is to create strong client-caregiver relationships by understanding the unique needs and preferences of each person we serve and matching them with a caregiver who has the skills, experience and personality to enable success. We provide care to clients with different needs and we are proud to offer our services across the entire island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador. To learn more about our services, click here

Karen’s Story

Karen’s Story

What do you enjoy about being a caregiver?

One simple question is all it took to spark a heartwarming conversation with Karen Simmons.

“I love my job,” says Karen. “It’s so rewarding. Makes your heart fill right up.”

Karen has been a caregiver for over 30 years, almost four years with CareGivers in Corner Brook, and has worked with several different clients during this time. She always goes the extra mile to bring a smile to their faces. Karen is often admired for her amazing energy and positive attitude and keeps a bulletin in her home where she puts up positive phrases like ‘Stay Positive. Be Thankful.’

“I have a client who keeps a nice garden and grows berries,” says Karen. “She does not want her gooseberries to fall on the ground, so I help her pick them and afterwards we get together and make jam. She is so thankful and happy to have someone who cares for her.”

“Life is only what you make it,” says Karen, who is all about thoughtful gestures. “I made beautiful cupcakes for Easter, with a basket and everything, and did up a gift pack for one of my clients who loves chocolate cake.” It’s clear that giving freely to others brings Karen joy. She beams as she speaks, “another client loved a dress I had worn only a couple of times. So I packaged it up and gave it to her. She adored it.”

Karen has three beautiful daughters and three beautiful grandchildren. She loves to spend time with family and cook meals for them, so having them close by is important to her. She was once a full-time floral designer and occasionally finds time to do up bouquets, but she usually spends as much of her free time as possible with her grandchildren.

CareGivers would be incomplete without dedicated and compassionate caregivers like Karen and we are ever grateful for their hard work. If you would like to learn more about a career as a caregiver, please click here


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Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story 

When Nicole Taylor moved back to Botwood from Clarenville a couple of years ago, she decided to give caregiving a try. Her mom, Juanita, had been a caregiver for quite some time and Nicole thought she might also enjoy it. 

“I work with three clients right now,” says Nicole. “They often enjoy chatting about how things were in the old days. One of my clients is originally from Peterview and that’s where I am from, too. She loves telling stories and talks about areas that were once her family’s farm land and it’s interesting to see what is there now.” 

It’s unsurprising that Nicole has an interest in learning more about the place she’s from because her family and heritage means a lot to her. She comes from a close-knit family and she and her mom are often found cheering on her two younger brothers in various sporting events. 

“I think you need to be very patient to be a caregiver,” says Nicole. “It’s not always fun. There are times when it is hard and tiring but you need to understand that it is just as hard for the clients.” 

“I enjoy caregiving because for some clients their caregiver is the only person they see during the day,” adds Nicole. “It makes it worth it to see them enjoying some company and getting to tell their stories or to help them do things they used to be able to do for themselves.” 

Working with CareGivers has enabled Nicole to find meaningful employment while continuing to live in her hometown near her family. If you’d like to learn more about a career as a caregiver, please click here

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Holly's Story

Holly’s Story

CareGivers has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest, and the first accredited, home care agency in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“The dedication and compassion of our team makes me so proud to be part of this organization” says Holly King, Regional Manager in Placentia, NL, where CareGivers first opened its doors more than 25 years ago. “ It speaks volumes to not only me as a manager but also to the families of our clients. One of our main goals is to ensure that care is delivered in the most professional way possible and I can confidently say  my team members keep that goal front and center daily.”

“They all go above and beyond,” Holly continues. “Beyond completing the clients daily care needs, our workers take part in some fun hobbies our clients love to do such as baking or painting. Those are just a few examples – I could tell you hundreds more.”

“I’ve found that finding ways to engage the clients in the activities they enjoy lifts their spirits,” says Holly. “Often, clients like being able to help with the tasks in some way – whether it’s helping to fold towels or kneading the dough for bread – there’s always a way they can help out if they want to. It also provides great mental stimulation and helps with their dexterity, too. Finding ways to spark little moments of joy fosters overall wellness.”

We’re so proud of our community of caregivers, clients, and families. This section of our website is dedicated to bringing you stories about the wonderful people who make our organization great. We look forward to continuing to share their stories.