Home Support

We take the time to understand each client’s preferences and incorporate those preferences in the support we offer you – while also ensuring a sanitary, orderly and safe environment. For example, a client may find that the laundry basket is too heavy to carry down over the stairs but may still enjoy helping to fold the clean towels. When the client wants to remain engaged in housekeeping, we find ways to empower them to do that. 

Personal care includes support while toileting, bathing, dressing and completing oral hygiene routines. We try to follow a routine that is least disruptive to the client. Our goal is always to be supportive and encouraging, so that our clients remain as independent as possible.

Life Home Health Arrangin For Home Care


We all know that nutrition is key to good health, but often, when a person is elderly, ill, or living with a disability, maintaining a well-balanced diet can be challenging. Our meal preparation plans may include nutritional counselling, dietary planning and arranging for grocery orders. We consider each client’s individual needs – including underlying health conditions, interactions with medications, allergies, and personal tastes – when developing a tailored meal preparation plan.

Taking medications properly can help individuals maintain and avoid unnecessary complications or side effects. We work with clients, families and medical practitioners to carefully develop and monitor medication schedules. In addition to helping clients remember to take their medications, we help clients understand what they are taking and why. Through our Family Portal you can review medication records and information about the care provided for a loved one at any time.